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Engineering Co-op/Internship (FES)

The Mechanical Engineer Intern will gain real-world engineering experience at Synergy Consulting Engineers, both designing and commissioning building systems. We often work together in solving problems, working in teams, and learning from each other. The ideal Intern candidate will be enthusiastic, teachable, and willing to collaborate.
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The Mechanical Systems Design Engineer 1 will contribute to a cutting-edge, growing team located at Synergy Consulting Engineers’ Belmont Office, both designing and analyzing building systems. At Synergy, we strive as individuals to further our knowledge and understanding of our industry and to work together to generate innovative solutions to the problems that our clients face. The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic, teachable, and willing to collaborate.
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About Synergy Consulting Engineers, Inc.

6250 Jupiter Ave NE, Plainfield Township, Michigan 49306, United States

Engineers … we’re looking for you!

Are you in search of a meaningful engineering position in a cutting-edge company with a track-record for success?

Synergy just might be the place for you.

What’s it like to work at Synergy?

At Synergy, we are focused on people; our people, our clients, the people who visit or work in the buildings we help create, the people who frequent the facilities we analyze, or … the list goes on and on!

With people in mind, we focus on our team as family. As a team, we are very open to flexible work options because we recognize that every member of our team has a life outside of “work.” We get it. And, we encourage you to enjoy your personal family just as much as your work family.

As long as you are “getting it done," we are happy. As long as your clients are satisfied, and your peers and coworkers are too, we are happy.

At Synergy, we encourage team participation and stress that the majority of the work week is spent shared with other team members. The Synergy family loves food and staying active, and because of this we often plan lunch outings and other activities that allow us to step away from the day-to-day to enjoy each other’s company in a different environment. We believe these outings help us to unwind, collaborate, and grow as a family. At Synergy, you must be comfortable working with and for people. Actively engaging is key to our organizational culture and success.


What you can expect?

At Synergy, you have the opportunity to tackle projects beyond the norm. We encourage our team to get involved in the community and to participate with organizations and institutions who need our services but may lack resources.

Synergy also participates actively in cause-driven organizations such as the House of Prayer and in Missions in the Philippines and Mexico, as well as a host of other organizations.


Why Synergy?

At Synergy, we believe in equipping team members with the best tools to do their job. We offer cutting-edge technology and training up-front, and we invest in our team members should they choose to continue their education. Working at Synergy is challenging yet rewarding. You will have a team of people who support you, encourage you, teach you, and learn from you all while using the best of the best technology and resources. Do you want to talk? Submit your resume to us at [email protected] and we’ll drop you a line.