Facility Condition Assessments

A thorough FCA process that includes evaluating the condition of all mep assets within a facility. FCAs provide collected data to analyze for capital planning.

Empowering Proactive Facility Management

A Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) will identify potential issues, prioritize maintenance needs, and make informed decisions for optimal asset management. At Synergy, our team of experts can provide you with a holistic Facility Condition Assessment  that will provide you and your team the vital data needed to implement measures that not only increase occupant safety & comfort but also reduce energy consumption while increasing operational efficiency. Healthcare organizations especially benefit from FCAs as they are critical in understanding the current state of all existing MEP assets.

Synergy's Facility Condition Assessment Process

Facility Condition Assessments

Through a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA), we are able to determine areas within your facility that are performing optimally and identify opportunities for improvement. This holistic evaluation goes beyond maintenance needs by managing risk and assessing the return on existing assets. By addressing deficiencies and prioritizing investments, a Facility Condition Assessment can generate significant operational savings and positively impact your bottom line. Moreover, the findings from an FCA can be utilized to support the facility's capital plan, guiding resource allocation towards critical improvements and ensuring long-term success. With a Facility Condition Assessment in hand, you gain the insights needed to make informed decisions, optimize facility performance, and maximize the value of your investment.


Additional Facility Health Engineering (FHE) Services:

System Testing and Measurement & Verification (M&V)

Measurement & Verification (M&V) is the process for determining the impact building systems, assets, and conservation measures have on facility performance.