Energy Audits

Energy Auditors conducting an audit

Actionable Information for Energy Performance

What could an energy audit do for your building systems? It’s no secret that HVAC systems, and the infrastructure that supports them, are extremely energy-intensive. At Synergy, we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between having a safe, fully functional facility and being energy conscious and sustainable.  Whether it’s a basic facility walk-through or an ASHRAE Level III energy audit, we will provide you with potential energy conservation measures (ECMs) to implement and develop the achievable financial benefits with solid energy audit data for Returns on Investment (ROI).

Additional Facility Engineering Services (FES):

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Design Engineering

From full-blown design to the smallest details, Synergy’s Facility Engineering Services focus on creating safe...

Master Planning

The creation of an MEP Master Plan is essential in guiding the long-term goals of your building portfolio.

Executive Engineering

No two clients and no two solutions are the same, that is why we listen to your needs and tailor our Engineering solutions to what is best for you and your facility goals.