Facility Intelligence

Even the best intentions of gathering building data can fall short with all eyes on occupant comfort. We understand buildings from design to data analytics and don’t want to see you continue to struggle to gather your building data. We provide customized data dashboards that places you back in the command seat where you belong with complete access to all your facility intelligence.


Intelligent Building Experts

Synergy is an Intelligent Buildings expert that delivers advanced “single-pane-of-glass” experiences to building owners, facility directors, and operators across a wide range of industries. At our core, we are a technology-driven service provider that integrates the full range of IoT systems found within buildings.  Our Facility Intelligence (FI) services include the integration of traditional Operational Technology (OT) systems such as HVAC, lighting, and access controls, as well as more advanced cloud-based APIs for emerging technologies such as patient experience apps and advanced indoor air quality and occupancy systems.

Alarm Fatigue should not be the norm. Facility Intelligence empowers building operators with automated fault detection and data analytics to ensure persistent and optimal efficiency of their facility.  The technology and services provided by Synergy bolsters the facility team’s ability to consistently monitor building performance.

Our FI team members are experts in Monitored-Based Commissioning (MBCx), which is an evolution of the commissioning process and one that provides actionable information for system optimization on a continuous basis.  Widely accepted as an industry best practice, our MBCx solutions maintain a constant “eye” on equipment by providing facility teams with powerful tools to ensure peak performance across all systems. Our FI solution integrates all the data sources that define building operation into one location…an intelligent dashboard…for rapid assessment and detection of issues.

For more information, view our webinar series on Building Intelligence.


Data Analytics

A powerful tool for Monitored-Based Commissioning (MBCx) that works in conjunction with your Building Automation System (BAS) and Smart Metering Systems (SMS). 


Fault Detection

Facility Intelligence continuously analyzes your building systems so you’ll know the instant something changes. 


Facility Performance Dashboard

Synergy’s Facility Performance Dashboard is a rich analytics “single pane of glass” that allows you to take greater control of your facility through powerful energy analytics, real-time metering, and Automated Fault Detection & Diagnostics (AFDD).

  • % Decrease Electricity Costs

  • % Increase of HVAC Efficiency

  • % Decrease In Facility Management Labor


Real-Time Energy Monitoring

Eliminate "drift" by 6-8% annually

Increase of 5-10% in Operational Efficiency

Prioritize anomalies and recommend corrective actions

Provide constant Measurement & Verification (M&V)

Predictive Maintenance Modeling

We leverage building data to identify areas of improvement and verify results so building operators are fully equipped with actionable information causing them to be confident in their facility intelligence.

When your facility team spends less time responding to comfort complaints, they can spend more time maintaining, improving, and operating your facility.

Facility Intelligence investigates the dynamic interaction between building system components to uncover wasted energy and identify operational performance problems.  We then evaluate, recommend, and implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).  Not only does this process improve your facility’s energy performance, but it also allows the facility to Measure & Verify (M&V) their continued progress across all systems.


Change Management

We help building owners and facility directors navigate new choices, from DDC controls to OT networks


Change Monitoring

We offer precise ways to manage, monitor, and maintain all building systems over the long term, with a deeply data-driven approach


Reliable Connections

We connect building systems to enable data flow, storage, and intelligent analysis across multiple systems and over long periods of time

Your Trusted Partner

Synergy stands alongside building owners and operators in many diverse industries to engineer their healthy facilities.  Our engineering experts work with project teams to turn innovative ideas into real results in facilities across the country. Our Service Team Managers provide project oversight for seamless collaboration, effective coordination, and appropriate network interactions from the ground up. As a company, your success is our success when you’re able to not worry about your building operating, but can focus on your core business.


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