Enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve occupant comfort with ongoing commissioning for sustainable building operations.

Commissioning with the Future in Mind

A comprehensive Ongoing Commissioning (OCx) process goes beyond traditional maintenance by offering real-time insight into the performance of facility systems and equipment. OCx involves daily monitoring, regular site inspections, and a meticulous comparison of current operational data with expected benchmarks. Through Ongoing Commissioning, any deviation from optimal performance is identified and addressed.

A key advantage of Ongoing Commissioning is the ability to fine-tune sequences and set-points to ensure efficient system operations as well as occupant comfort. By making small adjustments based on accurate data, OCx provides the opportunity to create an environment that saves energy.

Data Analytics and software have become invaluable to the OCx process. They provide ease-of-use for continual monitoring of all facility assets and supply actionable data for predictive and preventative maintenance. Ongoing Commissioning can be performed without these additional resources, but when utilized they add a layer of power to asset management. For example, it's impossible to test 1,000 VAV boxes at the same time, but through Ongoing Commissioning and Analytics, our clients are able to receive a holistic view of how their buildings are performing.

Our Cx Team is passionate about building systems and standing alongside facility teams to ensure their assets are operating at optimal performance. We're well versed in traditional commissioning methods and the latest technological advancements. Click to read how our healthcare client found peace of mind through Ongoing Commissioning.

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