Facility Performance Engineering

We understand your facility's objectives in providing a comprehensive Building Commissioning Plan for your company. Managing a successful facility project and optimizing its performance, without lingering problems, is not too much to ask. After our services, you will no longer endure constant headaches but have peace of mind that your buildings are operating as intended.

Ensure optimal building performance and efficiency with our Facility Commissioning services. From design to occupancy, our experts verify and fine-tune systems, ensuring they meet design intent, optimize energy usage, and deliver comfort.

Optimizing Your Building’s Performance

Building Commissioning (Cx) is an essential element of a high-performing building. In coming alongside our clients, Synergy’s focus has always been on working proactively to prevent problems and implement solutions. A brief overview of our thorough Cx process can be downloaded for free here: 5 Step Approach for Building Commissioning.

We help our clients produce and maintain facilities that operate at peak performance. Cx helps our healthcare clients with accreditation as well as a smooth transition into operations. After thorough Building Commissioning, facilities have lower energy and maintenance costs, as well as provide more productive and healthier environments. Read this study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory which reveals the benefits of Commissioning in reducing energy costs with an impressive Return on Investment (ROI).

Building Commissioning

In order to provide our clients with the most advanced technology, Synergy leverages the power of Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx). MBCx is an evolution of the commissioning process. MBCx takes the commissioning process to the next level, by providing actionable data for continuous, real-time system optimization, and proactive operational maintenance.  Simply put, MBCx is the future of proactive facility management.

Watch this 2-minute video on how Commissioning will place you in the hero's seat for building optimization.






Operational & Maintenance Savings of










Synergy tailors the commissioning process to your needs, providing services that range from simple operational checkouts to complete integration with the design team on sustainable, high-performing facilities.

Commissioning with the Future in Mind

Synergy tailors the commissioning process to your needs, providing services that range from simple operational checkouts to complete integration with the design team on sustainable, high-performing facilities.  Synergy’s commissioning approach relies on forming a cooperative commissioning team involving our clients (the building owner), the design team, and the construction team to design and deliver a reliable and efficient facility.

Our commissioning engineering process begins with the Owner Project Requirements (OPR) and continues through design, construction, acceptance, and warranty phases to verify and document that building systems are installed and operated as intended.

Synergy’s commissioning services can be applied to any one of the following:



A thorough quality assurance process that begins during a building’s design phase and continues through construction, occupancy, and the operations & warranty phase. 



Retro-Commissioning (RCx) is the process of applying Commissioning (Cx) activities to existing buildings.



A comprehensive Ongoing Commissioning process provides daily monitoring of your facility’s systems and equipment, site inspections...

Fault Detection and Analytics


Monitoring-Based Commissioning leverages the power of Analytics and Fault Detection & Diagnostics (AFDD) to provide facility managers with the data and insight... 

Maximizing your building performance and value that will be seen for years to come.

Synergy stands alongside building owners and operators across many industries to engineer their healthy facilities. Our engineering experts work with project teams to turn innovative ideas into real results. Our Service Team Managers provide project oversight for seamless collaboration, effective coordination, and appropriate network interactions from the ground up. The underlying motivation for total building Commissioning is to be the Owner's Independent Advocate. As a company, your success is our success when you’re able to not worry about your building operating, but can focus on your core business:

HVAC start up testing, engineering for optimal performance

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