Owner’s Project Requirements

Project OPR

The Power of an Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)

How an OPR Provides Accountability and Clarifies Expectations

A clearly defined and agreed upon Owner’s Project Requirements refines expectations and creates accountability. Launching a new building project could be compared to taking a road trip. The bags are packed and the vehicle is loaded and fueled. All passengers are buckled in and ready to go. With their budgets in hand, they have great anticipation of the adventure that lies ahead.

Except for a glaring problem; nobody brought a map. And nobody remembered to hire a tour guide. At the very beginning, there were brief conversations about expectations and where everyone wanted to go, but nobody thought to take notes or map anything out. Everyone assumed they understood each other and thought they had agreed, but it was a different story once they were on the road. There were unexpected twists, turns, and more roadblocks than anticipated. After a while, the initial excitement of the trip dwindled down to uninterested resignation and resentment. The stream of delays and problems looked completely different than the original idea everyone held in their minds. By the time they arrived at their final destination, each passenger was cranky, tired, and sick of the so-called adventure.

Beginning a building project without an Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) can be compared to taking a road trip without a comprehensive map, without a plan of expected activities (sights to see, adventures to experience), and without a tour guide. Synergy has helped guide clients in achieving their project goals by mapping out a thorough OPR, beginning with the Pre-Design phase. Synergy understands the importance of acknowledging everyone’s expectations and ensuring accountability by clearly defining goals to be carried out from beginning to end. From Benchmarks to KPIs, to Guidelines and Standards, the OPR process helps bridge the gap from Owner to Design Team and Owner to Construction Team. Through an OPR, facility teams are empowered from design through operations.

Owner’s Project Requirements

Formulating a comprehensive OPR does not have to be complicated. Synergy has simplified the process into three easy steps.