Remote Monitoring Commissioning

Remote monitoring commissioning service provides real-time insights, proactive maintenance, and optimized performance for your building systems.

Remote Commissioning Monitoring: the data-driven solution that offers full commissioning at a lower cost

Facility projects are getting more expensive with no time to spare during the construction process. Sometimes traditional, onsite building commissioning is not an option due to budget constraints, project location, or timing limitations. How can facility managers ensure contractors install all MEP assets properly, meet the Owner’s intent, and ensure a fully functioning and energy-efficient building?

Remote Commissioning Monitoring is a fully remote building commissioning solution that shifts traditional Cx to the next generation. Synergy has been leading client’s facilities toward Remote Cx since the pandemic demanded a new solution. Rather than outsourcing to a 3rd party, our team created SONICx (Synergy’s Ongoing Intelligent Commissioning) which provides clients with an easy-to-use dashboard that clarifies all building asset information.

Utilizing advanced technology to remotely monitor, optimize, and maintain building systems.

Synergy’s 4-Step Remote Commissioning Monitoring solution is easy:

  1. Integration Phase
  2. Construction Verification Phase
  3. Acceptance + System Verification
  4. Occupancy + Operations
  5. OPTIONAL: Ongoing Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx)

Synergy can integrate into systems and equipment data at any phase during construction. Call us today to review your project and learn about the cost savings and benefits of performing Remote Commissioning while maintaining the value of traditional building commissioning.  Alternatively, you can also provide us with your Cx RFP and we can create a custom statement of work tailored to your project while outlining the critical phases for Remote Cx, while also including a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis which details the financial and operational benefits to your business.

The limited options of inefficient systems with high life-cycle costs shouldn’t constrain your teams. Remote Commissioning Monitoring is the solution that offers full commissioning at a lower cost with data-driven resolution of issues. Talk to us today about Remote Cx working for you with targeted solutions that give a full-view of how all MEP assets are performing at any point in time.