Capital Investment Planning for Asset Sustainability

Sustainable Strategies for Asset Performance and Maintenance

Facility Managers and Directors have tremendous opportunities for leveraging data-driven technology for advanced Capital Planning. Vital questions need answers in order to plan strategically for long-term asset sustainability.

  1. HOW MUCH money is needed to properly fund the operations, maintenance, and capital renewal programs this year and future years?
  2. WHERE is the best place to invest in their facility in order to maximize asset performance and reduce risk of failure?
  3. What are the best ways to MEASURE IMPROVEMENT to establish trust with those holding the purse strings for future capital asks?

Synergy recognizes that traditional paper reports do not solve problems. Our team presented revolutionary change that empowers the industry with data-driven solutions to asset management and sustainable capital planning.

Our 4-Step Asset Sustainability Capital Plan is easy:

Sustainable Capital Investment Planning Strategies

STEP 1: Asset Condition Assessment

  • Optional if performed within 3 years with digital report
  • SustainabilityFacility Condition Assessment should collect energy usage and energy leakage

STEP 2: Asset Data Analysis

  • Synergy provides  CMMS and Asset Condition Data gap analysis
  • Sustainability – Opportunities revealed for energy savings

STEP 3: Asset Investment and Preservation

  • Synergy provides investment forecasting based on lifecycle objectives and associated ROI

STEP 4: Sustainability Capital Plan

  • Forecasting to encompass sustainability objectives, identifying key projects for goals
  • Sustainability – Clear initiatives to meet sustainability goals

You shouldn’t have to brush off the dust of your last asset condition report to understand building data. You work too hard to continue fighting fires with limited resources. You shouldn’t have to plead with Leadership for more funds in order to provide a proactive and diligent asset management program. You deserve to have Leadership trust with your funding requests. Envision your team’s satisfaction with facilities and assets that run at optimal performance without emergent failures. Talk to us today and begin your asset sustainability capital planning.