System Testing and Measurement & Verification (M&V)

Measurement and Verification Professional Engineers

Comprehensive Performance Assurance Measures

Measurement & Verification (M&V) is the process for determining the impact building systems, assets, and conservation measures have on facility performance. It is a process that requires detailed planning, measurement, data collection, and analysis.

Synergy’s team of M&V experts will work with you and your team to not only develop your energy efficiency program and define expectations but to also work alongside you to assess the program’s performance and validate the anticipated system improvements and savings

Our engineers are experts in developing and implementing M&V plans in support of energy efficiency and demand-side management programs.  The M&V procedures we use include site inspections, interviews with facility personnel, functional testing, detailed energy monitoring, testing & balancing (T&B), and short & long-term monitoring of system components and sub-systems.

Benefits of M&V with Synergy include:

  • Detailed reporting and quality assurance
  • More efficient systems and longer asset life
  • Accurate energy savings metrics and real-time performance monitoring
  • Provides the required data for enhanced energy efficiency certifications like Energy Star, Energy to Care, and LEED

Benefits of M&V with Synergy include:

Thorough understanding of your systems
More responsive and comprehensive systems
System performance monitoring and savings assurance
Necessary credibility and transparency when pursing or enhancing energy efficiency certifications like Energy Star, Energy to Care, and LEED

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