Case Study

Cooling Down Electrical Use by Increasing Chiller Efficiency

Enhancing Chiller Efficiency to Reduce Electrical Consumption

Case Study: Farm Bureau Insurance Chiller Replacement

Location: Lansing, Michigan

The Farm Bureau Insurance building in Lansing, Michigan relied on aging equipment and required solutions to increase chiller efficiency. The forty-year-old facility was designed to support two air handling units with peak cooling of 300 tons. Over time, actual output capacity had decreased by 200 tons. Similarly, the chilled water pumps were underperforming. Their original 1970 design had regular maintenance, including a motor replacement, but the pumps were past their useful life. A solution was needed to reduce energy consumption and increase chiller efficiency. 

Synergy’s Facility Engineering Services team analyzed the energy efficiency of the chillers between the months of April and October in 2016. The purpose of the analysis was to show how the chiller replacement impacted the operational cost of the building. The electricity usage was compared to the operational cost of the Farm Bureau Insurance building before and after the chillers and pumps were replaced.

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