3 Essential Building Blocks for a Fully Functional Facility

Clear up any confusion about your building assets

Overseeing all the inner workings of a fully functional facility is no easy task. Perhaps you inherited a mess when you stepped into your role at the facility for the first time. The building documentation and maintenance process used to be organized, but it’s as if a hoarder allowed things to pile up. Now things are out of hand and it’s a challenge to be certain of what assets the facility contains or where the one-line drawings are located (or if the building even has any). And you can’t stay up to date in staff training because the turnover is high and/or the absence of a succession plan is setting you up for failure. It’s difficult to know where to start when facing such a monumental task.

Synergy has come alongside clients since 2005 and supported them in re-creating the essential building blocks of their facilities. There are three essential building blocks that will give you a current snapshot of your buildings, provide a clear image of its data, and present a projected plan for the future success of the facility.

Setting up your portfolio with these essential building blocks will not only grant your team peace of mind but will impress the C-Suite with your forward-thinking action. Your facility team will have vital documents within an arms-reach and they will be fully equipped to manage all buildings with excellence. Don’t waste any more time wondering how to get your building back under control. Read this free PDF that outlines 3 simple elements to get your facilities back on track.

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