How a Facility Condition Assessment can Manage Risk and Return of Existing Assets

FCA is an evaluation of all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment.

Fundamental Considerations for Facilities

Aging facilities and infrastructures pose huge challenges for Facility Managers. Facilities require repairs, upgrades and/or replacements to their systems and equipment in order to meet critical goals such as safety, compliance, and energy efficiency.

This brief PDF outlines the 3 STEPS that Synergy’s Facility Health Team provides when conducting a Facility Condition Assessment.

  1. Pre-Assessment Review
  2. On-Site Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)
  3. Executive Summary and Technical Report

An FCA could put your facility infrastructure on the path toward a comprehensive asset list with complete strategies and documents for asset maintenance, or you can continue doing the best you can by reacting to situations and hope for the best. Visit the Facility Health Engineering FCA page for more information on how you can be set up for success, in charge, and with full knowledge of your facility asset list and management systems.