Building Redevelopment and Conversion

Converting buildings can be complicated. Converting a warehouse, critical environment, or aging facility, consider a building redevelopment plan for profitable building conversion.

Building Conversion and Redevelopment

Discover the potential of your empty building with building conversion engineering strategies

Empty or underused buildings can quickly drain resources and hinder capital plans. Synergy has successfully helped clients understand their buildings, at a system level, to strategize their building redevelopment with the following engineering strategy:

Providing MEP engineering solutions for building redevelopment projects. From site analysis and preparation to construction management and stakeholder engagement, we provide comprehensive services that help ensure the success of your redevelopment project.

  1. Discover Potential in Building Redevelopment

  2. Develop a Strategy

    • Brainstorm anticipated occupant type
    • Develop an Owner’s Project Requirement (OPR) document
    • Create a utility separation and shared amenities plan
    • Create tenant building renovation requirements
  3. Master Plan

    • Finalize the Owner’s Project Requirements documents
    • Pricing exercise for building options and/or capital plans for building systems
  4. Design & Implement

    • Develop Construction Documents
    • Begin renovation/conversion
    • Provide Construction Administration

Call our team to discuss your building’s conversion needs or read how a Feasibility Study clarifies infrastructure capabilities. You deserve to be positioned with in-depth information to make careful decisions for redevelopment capital plans for your building conversion.