Practical Solutions for Chilled Water Plant Efficiencies

Chiller Water Plant

Know your Chilled Water Plant Performance…Maximize its efficiency

Is your Chilled Water Plant ready to handle the heat during the warmer months? Is the annual evaporator and condenser maintenance keeping your electrical consumption (kWh) and demand (KW) low and energy savings high? How do you know if your Chilled Water Plant is operating at peak efficiency and satisfying the demand of the facility? And once it starts underperforming how do you determine if the cause is from improper refrigerant levels, or condenser and evaporator efficiencies, or condenser water cleanliness? The majority of cooling systems do not function as efficiently as they should with higher energy costs and increased CO2 emissions as a result. In order to decrease consumption, there is a need to know how the equipment is operating in real-time under real-world conditions.

Synergy’s Facility Health Engineering team offers a service that utilizes smart sensors, data, and analytics that can diagnose the issues within your chilled water plant. We utilize all the sensor data and analytics and perform a detailed engineering analysis in order to provide you with an accurate and actionable plan for your plant

15-20% of the world’s total energy consumption is used for cooling and air conditioning

If a chiller analysis would help you pinpoint the Chilled Water Plan inefficiencies, it is simple to connect with our team.

  1. Talk to us about your facility needs
  2. The Facility Health Engineering Team will schedule a site visit
  3. Set you up with a plan with actionable data for increased plant efficiency