Synergy Cleanrooms, Labs, and Specialized Environments

Cleanrooms, Labs, Specialized Environments
Cleanrooms, Labs, and Specialized Environments are characterized as high energy consumption spaces with environmental controls and codes that are unique to their use. Synergy focuses on delivering high-performance, energy-efficient, and well-balanced systems that meet your project requirements. Operational costs account for 85% of the life-cycle cost of a building while construction accounts for 5% of the total life-cycle cost. Synergy is focused on improving your operational efficiency without sacrificing performance.
We balance performance and efficiency through design. By leveraging Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling, Synergy develops energy models that calculate systems performance in the design phase. These capabilities allow for first cost budgeting as well as life-cycle cost analysis before construction begins allowing for improved operational and energy management. Synergy can design and certify to the level of classification you need including ISO and LEED. Our in-house and extended teams include Engineers, Architects, Research Scientists, Construction Professionals, and Technical Grant Review Professionals. Individually or collectively, our team members deliver the capabilities you need when you need them.
Turn-Key Solutions: Synergy offers a single source of responsibility and accountability. From whole building construction to energy management consulting, the Synergy team is capable of delivering this depth of service through a single source. For your convenience, we offer Design/Build services to improve quality control, cost control, and schedule control that is designed around your project requirements.
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