Optimized Operations with Facility Management Software

Facility Management Software

How to Combat Overwhelming Facility Issues

Optimizing building operations is a challenging task when you have data, but can’t access it, interpret it, or don’t have plans for what to do with it. You shouldn’t have to struggle to get your data to work for you. You deserve facility management software that monitors the data for you.

Discover how cutting-edge facility management software can offer clarity and transform the way you validate building performance as well as generate an impressive ROI by leveraging advanced data analytics and real-time monitoring through our SONICx software (Synergy’s Ongoing Intelligent Commissioning, pronounced sahn-nicks).

Facility management software that streamlines operations, enhances productivity, and ensures smooth facility management. SONICx, the engineer translator.

Our “Engineer Translator” empowers facility managers to make informed decisions, optimize operational efficiency, and reduce costs. Whether it’s energy consumption, maintenance scheduling, or asset utilization, the software provides actionable insights that drive continuous improvements. With user-friendly dashboards and customizable reports, it’s never been easier to track key performance indicators and demonstrate the value of your investments.

Explore our YouTube channel or Facility Performance Dashboard page to learn more about how we provide engineering to empower your facility teams from design through operations.