Buried in Building Performance Management Data?

Building Performance Management Data Should be Easy to Use

Most building owners are buried in building performance management data. It can be challenging to decipher the overwhelming amount of facility data in order to create an actionable task list. Synergy’s dashboard, SONICx (Synergy’s Ongoing Intelligent Commissioning), analyzes and investigates building operational information and translates all points of data into a powerful command center so Facility Owners and Managers can proactively lead facility teams with clear direction.

Synergy Engineers - SONICx - your Engineer Translator. Building Owners who need one-click building details and Facility Managers who have tight budgets and need more than a snapshot of asset operations.

Building Owners

  • Don’t have time or resources to dig deep into data for optimized building performance
  • Value data but need summarized analysis for decision making

Facility Managers

  • Tight budgets restrict Ongoing Cx
  • Need more than a snapshot of asset operations

SONICx, the Engineer Translator

  • Perform in-depth assessments
  • Calculate complex Energy Conservation Measures
  • Summarize and display key information



Facility management easy to use dashboard. Synergy Engineers SONICx (Synergy's Ongoing Intelligent Commissioning), the engineer translator for optimized building performance

Click to download the SONICx Dashboard Brochure