How to Apply COVID Relief Funds Toward a Healthier Facility

COVID Funds for facilities

3 Steps to Improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for Your Facility

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the way facilities are operated. The pressure is heavy to maintain a healthy building in order to keep occupants safe while still functioning within the constraints of your infrastructure. There is fear of overventilation that blows the energy budget or underventilation that spreads infection and invites lawsuits. Maybe your building received federal funds for COVID State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, but what is permissible for fund distribution?

Perhaps within your facility, you’ve had several upgrades and projects on your to-do list that have needed attention for a while. Does the COVID relief money allow you to finally address those projects? What are you ALLOWED to do with your relief money? And just as important, what SHOULD you be doing with your relief money?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) should always be a concern for building owners whether we’re in a pandemic, or not. Facilities must adhere to codes and standards to ensure safe and proper conditions for occupants at all times. Synergy has always put a primary focus on designing facilities that are safe and compliant, while also maintaining the building’s ideal function and efficiency.

Download this FREE PDF for some options to consider when delegating funds toward your facility health. For more information on how to improve the health of your facility check out our Facility Health Engineering services.