Solutions that Simplify Complex Building Problems

How to simplify building problems though Cx. Commissioning strategies and solutions.

Solving Building Problems through Commissioning

Owners, Design, and Construction teams recognize the tension during a sizable building project. Everyone wants the high-tech, efficient building to work right away, but oftentimes turnover can be messy. Facility teams have tight deadlines to complete proper training on new and advanced equipment. Synergy has evolved its Commissioning (Cx) strategies and processes, alongside the market demands, in order to support clients for solving building problems; implementing new technologies for controls, equipment, and smart buildings.

BEST – beginning commissioning at pre-design

  • Owner’s Advocate
  • Pre-Design
  • Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)
  • Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx)

BETTER – adding commissioning during design review

  • MEP Design Review
  • Commissioning

Good – optimizing commissioning at building completion

  • Construction Verification
  • Acceptance Phase
  • Occupancy + Operations
  • Functional Testing


Providing effective solutions for solving building problems and issues through complete commissioning services

Give us a call to discuss your upcoming project needs, or click to download more information in the PDF below. Don’t give any more time to stressing about recurring building problems with equipment breaking down prematurely, cold calls, and inefficient building concerns. You should be able to celebrate the achievements of your world-class building with lower energy costs, fewer warranty issues, and happy end-users.