Cleanroom Design: Pure Air to Eliminate Product Contamination

Cleanroom Design Engineering

Cleanroom Design for Optimal Manufacturing Excellence

The intricacies of HVAC engineering for cleanroom design can be complex, requiring a specialized skill set. As a manufacturing expert, you shouldn’t be required to know the HVAC engineering expertise in order to produce the highest quality product in your cleanrooms.  Synergy provides a clear plan for manufacturers in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and critical environment industries, to create optimal conditions for production products.

Our design team takes the burden of HVAC design allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. Our tailored design solutions ensure you meet industry standards and regulations, providing a controlled environment that minimizes the risk of contamination. Let our team handle the design so you can focus on driving innovation and producing the purest grade products.

Our 3-Step Design Plan is simple:

1.Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)

2a. New Construction – Basis of Design (BOD)

2b. Renovation – Feasibility Study and BOD

3. Design Engineering


Synergy’s Cleanroom Design Plan


Cleanroom Design: Pure Air to Eliminate Product Contamination

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