Pharmacy + Lab

Design Engineering for new and renovated spaces that require ISO Classifications, USP 797, and other critical space compliance.

Pharmacy Design

Ensuring USP 797 compliance

Those who manage and upgrade pharmacies shouldn't be burdened with unease about their USP 797 compliance, including Compounding Pharmacies. Synergy has provided design engineering for new and renovated spaces that require iso classifications and other critical space compliance (pressure, temperature, humidity controls). Synergy's Pharmacy Design Process is simple:

  1. Talk to us about your pharmacy requirements
  2. We'll provide a customized engineering plan for your upgrades or renovation
  3. Enjoy peace of mind with your fully compliant pharmacy

Call us if you're tired of pharmacy cold calls and cold sweats. You deserve to have confidence that the contents within your facilities will remain safe for those whose lives depend on them.

Cleanroom Design

ISO Classifications for the purest products

As a manufacturing expert, you shouldn't be required to be the HVAC engineering expert in order to produce the highest quality product. We provide a clear plan for cleanroom designs for manufacturers in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and critical environment industries, so they have confidence in producing the purest grade products within their cleanroom.