Case Study

Using Building Data Analytics to Bridge Gap Between Teams


Location: Michigan

Facility: Hospital Facility

7 Minute Read


  • Building Data Analytics provided a true north between the disgruntled design/construction team and the Owner’s Facilities Team.
  • The Owner finally had peace of mind when the data showed the true story of the facility operation from building issues to equipment corrections.
  • The building data analytics identified key areas of focus while confirming operation of the remaining equipment.


A large hospital system in Michigan constructed a new outpatient clinic. A 3rd party Commissioning Agent (CxA) was hired to provide commissioning services including ensuring a quality and tested building was turned over to the Owner.  The CxA struggled to bring the project to the finish line. Unfortunately, there were so many problems with the new HVAC system in the building that the Facilities team did not want to take on the building because of its many issues. The Contractors wanted to sign off because their job was done and the system was installed per the construction documents.  The engineer blamed the substandard performance of the system on poor installation practices.  The frustrated Owner wanted to pinpoint the issues and resolve them quickly. A good CxA will be the Owner’s eyes and ears on a project, but this was not the case. Instead, the Owner was left to lead the team to a resolution.  Owners and facility managers shouldn’t have to play referee between Engineers and construction teams. 

Synergy was hired on as a neutral party to review the project up to its current state and connect to the data to identify issues and create a plan that would provide a true north and eliminate finger pointing.

Owners and facility managers shouldn’t have to play referee between engineers and construction teams.

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