Case Study

Advanced Analytics Leads to Successful Operating Room Optimization


Location: Michigan

Facility: Surgery Center

13 Minute Read


  • Forward-thinking Corporate Director of Facilities chose to apply analytics and facility intelligence across his entire portfolio
  • Advanced analytics, combined with experienced engineering analysis, were able to determine the root cause of the surgery center equipment issues
  • Data was able to provide an accurate risk assessment and provide a realistic ROI solution


Fifteen years ago, a hospital in Macomb Michigan added a new surgery center wing to their expansive campus. On the surface, the new addition began as a way to provide quality care with expert surgeries, but deep within the bowels of the hospital, the essential mechanical and control assets serving the new surgery center were suffering from performance issues and band-aid approaches from the very first day of occupancy.

Patient safety and comfort is essential to any high-performing healthcare facility. Since the very opening of the new addition, the surgery center had continual problems with the operating rooms (OR) maintaining proper pressure relationships, which in turn lead to constant issues with temperature and humidity requirements. The ORs were not able to maintain the proper positive pressure relationships required at the design airflow of 25 Air Changes per Hour (ACH), so the Facility Team was forced to increase in the ACH rate in all OR spaces in order to achieve the required positive pressure relationships.

Facility Managers shouldn’t have to run their systems to failure.

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