Higher Education

Serving Universities and Higher Education Campuses with Commissioning and Design Engineering. 

Higher Education facilities create campuses that are safe with efficient buildings so young adults can expand their knowledge. Whether it’s a critical research facility, or new building construction to expand the campus portfolio, Synergy has provided engineering expertise to facility teams.

This Higher Education case study outlines the university's energy goals for their new biological science building and how building commissioning positioned the school for sustainable success. The college set out aggressive energy efficiency requirements that were held accountable by the Commissioning Agent (CxA) through the Owner's Project Requirement (OPR) and verified during the Occupancy Phase. By trusting Synergy with Commissioning, the university's facility manager and scientists were able to trust the data from their building, that it was performing with LEED quality energy efficiency. The OPR was met and the scientists were able to focus on their core business. Commissioning higher education facilities keeps their buildings running efficiently with consistent and measurable results.

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