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McLaren Replacement Hospital: $600 Million Healthcare campus in Lansing Michigan


In March of 2022, McLaren Greater Lansing Replacement Hospital opened its doors to the community. The project, which broke ground in 2018, was a $600 million healthcare campus located on the Michigan State University campus in Lansing, Michigan. McLaren partnered with Synergy Consulting Engineers as their Commissioning (Cx) Agent to achieve their goal of creating a safe and efficient facility.

As the owner’s advocate, Synergy approached McLaren with an innovative form of Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx) that would not only provide them with an unprecedented Cx during design and construction but would also set up the campus and Facility Management team for proactive optimization year after year.


  • Forward-thinking hospital owners achieve new building optimization by leveraging data analytics and MBCx
  • The Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) document creates the opportunity for discussion that aids in steering the project in the right direction, with the agreed-upon requirements during the pre-design phase, and drives accountability for the entire project team
  • Synergy has supported other healthcare organizers in navigating the choppy waters of building a new hospital from design through operations

McLaren Greater Lansing Expansion Hospital

McLaren Health Care in Lansing, Michigan was outgrowing its existing facilities and required an innovative solution. Their existing hospitals underwent several renovations through the years and were located in older neighborhoods without easy access for patients. It was becoming more challenging to provide a high quality of care with rapidly aging facilities. Their administration decided a replacement hospital was needed to better serve the people in the community.

“MBCx holds the contractor accountable for their work and gives the operations team the ability to provide proactive maintenance based on the measured equipment and system performance.”

Austin Holcomb, McLaren Health Care, Director of Corporate Construction Management

(Click here to watch a 2-minute video of Austin Holcomb’s testimonial about Synergy’s Commissioning and Data Analytics Services.)

Their new $600 million Health Care Campus located in South Lansing, which partnered academically with Michigan State University, opened in the spring of 2022. The facility provides a long list of services to the community, including a Level III Trauma Center/Emergency Department, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Institute, comprehensive cardiac programs, medical/surgical units,

Looking for a reliable hospital replacement solution? Our expert team offers seamless hospital replacement services to ensure a smooth transition. Contact us for efficient hospital replacement that meets your needs.and state-of-the-art women and children’s health services including a modern birthing center. Also located at the healthcare campus is the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Greater Lansing and Outpatient Care Center. The 562,000 square foot facility combines the functions of their previous Greenlawn and Pennsylvania Avenue campuses.

The collective agreement between the Hospital Owner and the Project Team was to build a facility that not only served the Community with easy freeway access but also one with cutting-edge technology that would set them up for future growth and success. Building a replacement hospital requires years of investment before breaking ground. How could they make sure the hospital requires years of investment before breaking ground. How could they make sure the hospital fulfilled everyone’s expectations and requirements? Whose job was it to hold the Project Team accountable to make sure the design intent was met?

In this Case Study, we will outline three services that Synergy provided to McLaren Health during the hospital replacement process:

  1. Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) Development
    • Validating project goals and providing accountability through project completion
  2. Commissioning (Cx)
    • Ensuring all MEP assets and systems operate as designed and at optimal performance
  3. Advanced Data Analytics and Fault Detection
    • Optimizing proactive facility maintenance for long-term care

With the privilege of coming alongside McLaren’s new hospital project, Synergy was able to support their new healthcare facility project from design through operations.

Synergy’s Engineering team was brought on board in 2018 to conduct the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR). An OPR, as outlined by ASHRAE, is a living document that “details the functional requirements of a project and the expectations of how it will be used and operated.” This includes project and design goals, measurable performance criteria, budgets, schedules, success criteria, owner’s directives, and supporting information.

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