Case Study

Critical Environments Require Critical Commissioning

Project at a Glance

Location: Michigan

Facility: Higher Education Science Building

6 Minute Read


  • Aggressive goals for energy efficiency required adjustments for end-users.
  • The facility housed critical research which proved the need for thorough Commissioning.

The Problem

A university in Michigan set out to construct a new state-of-the-art science building. This new structure would be complete with high-end equipment to track plants in their growing rooms with scientists who understood what their critical environments needed. Temperature sensors and expensive microscopes were taken into consideration during design. Their environment was critical to their work.

The university embodies the belief that commissioning should be part of every project as they follow the FGI guidelines, which require a Commissioning Plan. Synergy was hired to do Enhanced Commissioning and Fundamental Commissioning. These services define the Owners Project Requirements early on in the project and are verified during design, construction, and occupancy, and operations phases to ensure a successful building is turned over.

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