Why Synergy? – Exceptional Facility Performance

We combine people, technology, services and metrics to plan and deliver high-performing building systems using a best practices, holistic approach.


We work side-by-side with our clients, listen closely to their goals from the start, and create project success metrics that align with those goals. This ensures that projects – from building design to systems performance – meet and exceed our clients’ desired outcomes with the highest level of quality and attention to budgets and timelines.

Our proprietary apps and cutting-edge software efficiently power and streamline the engineering and design process from end to end so our clients always have a pulse on building performance throughout each project. Our hard-working and well-integrated team of engineering experts and energy and LEED accredited professionals provide you with the essential building blocks for successful engineering design, construction quality control oversight and outstanding system performance. Sustainability, energy efficiency and peak performance are our clients’ goals. Synergy delivers!


We invite you to read how Synergy goes the extra mile for your project:

  • Complete Solutions
    Find all the services you need to maximize facility systems performance from engineering to operations start to finish, all under one roof.
  • Technology
    Learn how Synergy´s custom cutting-edge technology and best-in-class building  design tools drive efficiency and precision, and deliver data-driven metrics.
  • Metrics
    Sustainability is the goal.  You can count on our expertise to establish benchmarks  and define clear data-driven metrics that will effectively communicate building  performance throughout the operational life of the facility.
  • People
    Meet Synergy´s team of passionate industry subject-matter experts and engineers who work diligently on every phase of your project from start to finish.


Maximize Your Building Performance from Start to Finish. Contact Synergy.

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