Facility Technology

Increased knowledge through facility technology makes for more informed decisions, produces sound engineering design, reduces errors, and ensures met expectations throughout the construction process and facility performance improvements.


More Innovation, Fewer Change Orders

As your design partner, we leverage cutting-edge technology and equipment in conjunction with custom building performance analysis software to drive efficiency and deliver data-driven insights. This provides coordinated systems and flows of information that can be easily shared among team members as well as with other architects and engineers at any time, from wherever they are.


Here´s How We Help You Take Control

Our collaborative web-based project management tools streamline every aspect of your project from setting metrics and goals for a newly-constructed or renovated building, to design conception and facilities management all while providing cost savings and peace of mind.


  • Metric-Driven Strategic Master Planning with Synergy´s Oculus OPR App
    Oculus OPR is our proprietary web-based app that collects, documents and prioritizes Owner´s Project Requirements data from owners, project design and construction teams, and other key participants during the Master Planning phase. This user-friendly tool walks users through a detailed Q&A to determine metrics and goals. Built-in reporting tools then collate the data, rank all responses and produce reports. This prioritized list becomes the heart of the OPR document, to be distributed back to the owner and included in the final OPR document. Key stakeholders can submit and share data quickly and easily from any computer, tablet, or mobile device in their own time and from any location.


  • 3D Building information Modeling with Revit MEP App
    Implementing BIM early in a new construction or renovation project creates a BIM standard and execution plan so all members of the team understand and are measured against project metrics and goals. Synergy´s Architectural Engineering Group creates a 3D modeling environment using the Revit MEP platform.. In this environment, our team simplifies design decision-making and produces coordinated and accurate design documentation–helping clients create, test and evaluate designs long before contractors break ground.


  • New and Existing Building Commissioning with CxAlloy TQ App
    The process of commissioning is an essential tool for optimizing a building´s energy performance and ensuring that all systems perform interactively according to the contract documents, the design intent, and the owner´s operational needs. Synergy´s Facility Performance Engineering Group employs innovative CxAlloy TQ commissioning software that integrates with BIM to track site visits, project progress, and perform functional testing in real time to best maintain and run our clients´ building systems. Synergy is also in the process of developing new software that bridges the gap between 3D building models, COBIE database elements, and CMMS systems


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Our powerful combination of people, technology, services, and metrics drive high-performance buildings. As your Strategic Partner in exceptional facility performance, we´ll deliver intelligent, healthy facilities that exceed your expectations. CONTACT US TODAY.