Research Labs Facilities

Research Labs, Cleanrooms, and Specialized Environments are energy consumption spaces with environmental controls and codes that are unique to their use. As your strategic partner in exceptional facility performance, Synergy will design and certify to the level of classification you need (including ISO and LEED), help determine benchmarks and metrics, and provide a full spectrum of engineering services, support and leadership from project start to finish.


Energy Efficient, Well-Balanced, High-Performance Systemsstocksnap_phe63l27s6

Since 2005, Synergy has been a trusted source for client-focused complete solutions that maximize facility systems performance. We balance performance and efficiency from the start, leveraging Building Information Modeling (BIM) to deliver energy models that forecast optimum systems performance in the design phase. These capabilities allow for first-cost budgeting, efficient and practical system design, and lifecycle cost analysis before construction even begins.


Higher Standards, Superior Results

Synergy´s team of passionate industry experts and engineers leverage their deep expertise in 24/7 hospital and healthcare environments to serve owners and operators of research laboratories, cleanrooms and controlled environments in pharmaceutical, food service, biotech, semi-conductor manufacturing, life science, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors.


Benefit from Synergy´s Integrated Focus and Expertise

Our spectrum of turnkey services and cutting-edge technologies enhance operational efficiency, control/management, and risk management. We strategize with you to  accomplish your project goals and possess the hands-on experience and technological solutions to deliver intelligent, healthy facilities that perform with excellence that is sustainable.


Everything You Need to Complete Your Project is Here

All our services begin with understanding what your true goals are, then we help coach or train key players in areas they haven´t been exposed to. From strategic Facility Planning Standards & Training to Architectural Engineering, Facility Performance EngineeringFacility Compliance & Risk Assessments, and Building Systems Testing & Monitoring services, we guarantee your project will receive the utmost personal attention from start to finish, because serving clients is our number one goal.


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Our powerful combination of people, technology, services, and metrics drive high-performance buildings. As your Strategic Partner in exceptional facility performance, we´ll deliver intelligent, healthy facilities that exceed your expectations. CONTACT US TODAY.