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Project Engineer – Facility Electrical Systems


This position is located in Michigan or Florida.

Position Purpose

The Project Design Engineer serves as the manager of the projects to which they are responsible. Project Design Engineer is responsible for completing projects by planning, organizing, and directing all design elements of the project.  This person leads the engineering team through professional and effective communication to ensure team members on their project have collaborated and coordinated with both the architectural/engineering team and building owner.

In addition to engineering coordination, the Project Design Engineer must be proficient with the work their project team members are performing including all building codes, industry standards, design software, energy modeling, and economic analysis.  These skills are maintained by engaging in ongoing training of team members and clients, along with professional development through continuing education.

These skills must be applicable to leading multiple teams and multiple projects that may be working concurrently in separate locations.

A Project Design Engineer must also occasionally carry out job functions related to client relationship management.  This includes communicating the services that the firm can be contracted for, supporting the Synergy Sales Team in responding to a request for proposal, and follow up with the clients.

Key Result Areas

Include, but not limited by the following Key Result Areas and associated responsibilities:

Management & Administration (MEP Systems Design Engineering Team)

  • Maintains safe and clean working environment as indicated in company procedures, procedures, and regulations;
  • Maintains all electronic files in Synergy’s cloud file server;
  • Ensures company compliance by abiding by federal, state and local regulations;
  • Execute all duties and responsibilities with professionalism; clear communication (written and verbal) skills, accountability;
  • Promotes and maintains professional collaboration with the project team, including all engineering disciplines, equipment vendors, architects, contractors, construction manager and project client/owner;
  • Ability to work on multiple inter-company initiative teams (process improvement & company standards) and client’s project teams simultaneously while monitoring/managing personal and Synergy Key Performance Indicators.
  • Conduct employee performance evaluations;
  • Contribute and collaborate with the Department Directors, Service Team Leaders, and Teams to evaluate Synergy Operational Performance Goals and implement improvements.
  • Demonstrate the ability to consistently engage in productive Inter-Company Team Meetings not related to projects.

Project Execution

  • Teamwork demonstrated through:
    • Engaging in meetings with clarity and solutions focus (Synergy and Client’s Project Design and Construction Team Meetings
    • Support in the development and management of project objectives by reviewing project scope, confirming appropriate project phases and project elements/tasks.
    • Determines project schedule by studying project plan and specifications; calculating time requirements; sequencing project elements/tasks;
    • Controls project plan by reviewing design, specifications, and plan and schedule changes; recommending actions.
    • Supporting project teams in the development of the project work products & deliverables;
    • Supporting engineering service teams and project team tasks and workload schedules
    • Prepares project status reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends; recommending actions;
  • Owner’s Project Requirements & Basis of Design
    • Engage in the Owners Project Requirements (OPR) Process
    • Author Design Narrative (Basis of Design)
    • Proficient in development of the OPR and BOD project deliverables as it relates to Electrical Building Systems
  • Engineering
    • Schematic programming of building systems design
    • Interpretation of technical specifications, equipment submittals/cut sheets & catalog data;
    • Support in energy analysis of buildings, including interpretation of utility bills, utility rates structure, utility rebates, and incentive programs;
    • Determines project specifications by studying product design, customer requirements, and performance standards; completing technical studies; preparing cost estimates;
  • Work Products / Deliverables
    • Proficient in technical report writing
    • Proficient in development of Construction Documents (Drawings & Technical Specifications)
    • Demonstrate effective quality control and assurance procedures
  • Systems Performance
    • Confirms new system performance by conducting inspections and tests;
  • Ability to work on multiple project teams simultaneously, including the monitoring of in-house project costs, fee and hours budget, workload management and task management;

Accounts Receivable Management

  • Direct understanding of construction contracts with relation to invoicing and the communication of these matters with assigned PM and client if necessary;
  • Ensure PMs invoice projects to match the level of percent complete, align with scope/contract and follow invoicing protocols through company billing review process
  • Maintain timely communication and documentation of client collections’ efforts (past due invoices).

Client Management

  • Consistently get feedback from clients via participation in client surveys.
  • Confirms work product (client deliverables) standards compliance by conducting quality control assessment protocols of the PMs under their management based on the submission of OPR’s, project reports, construction documents, submittals, etc.;
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain regular, proactive and timely with direct communication with the client(s) as it relates to project expectations, status, and issue resolution.
  • Promote the participation of clients in Synergy Events.
  • Promote the recognition of client’s projects and goals through Synergy or Industry Organizations Social Media Vehicles and Events.

Continuing Education & Professional Development

  • Contribute industry leading ideas, principals, and technology to the Synergy Engineering Department.
  • Maintain steady participation in CEU’s that is focused on the main principles of MEP engineering, MEP construction, and Facility Operational Performance; including local and national industry organizations indicated below.
  • Acquire and Maintain a current LEED or Well Building certification;
  • Acquire and Maintain a professional certification including ASHRAE High-Performance Building Design Professional (HBDP) and Healthcare Facility Design Professional (HFDP).
  • Acquire and Maintain an Association of Energy Engineers professional certification such as CEM or CEA;



  • 5 years’ experience in Mechanical and Electrical Systems Commissioning, including construction drawings & specification review, equipment submittal review, and construction installation & startup inspections, performance testing, and BMS systems (points lists, the sequence of operations, networks, control protocols) or
  • Licensed Master Electrician
  • Proficient in Building Modeling Software (Revit and Navisworks);
  • Proficient in Lighting Modeling Software
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Proficient with browser-based software applications for team collaboration and management of email, calendar, tasks/objectives, and project, along with virtual (video) conference meetings.
  • Proficient in the application of mechanical and plumbing building codes, NFPA 70, 99, 101, Facility Guidelines Institute and healthcare codes.
  • Strong analytical and mathematical skills, quick thinking, and a solid understanding of the main principles of MEP engineering, and construction;
  • In-depth, technical understanding of Electrical Power Distribution Systems; and Lighting Systems and Fire Alarm Systems, including proficiency in authoring Electrical Power, Lighting, and Fire Alarm system assessment reports;
  • Must be able to travel anywhere in the United States typically not more than one week per month outside Michigan.


  • Experience with Design Critical Environments, such as Data Centers, Hospitals, Cleanrooms.
  • Strong technical understanding of information technology networks.
  • Proficient in Arc Flash Modeling Software (SKM)
  • Familiar with Renewable Energy Systems.
  • Familiar with Energy Conservation and Optimization Industry Standard Principals
  • Proficient in Energy Modeling Software (Trace Load 700 & DOE2);
  • Proficient in the Commissioning Process ASHRAE Guidelines 0, 1, & 2

Other Considerations

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Engineering Technology;
  • Commissioning Professional Certification, such as ASHRAE, BCxA, U of W Madison CxQP, or NEEB
  • Experience with IT networking design, installation, and commissioning.
  • Experience with Building Envelope Commissioning
  • Proficiency with database & software programming, including SQL, Haystack, JSON, CSS, HTML, C-sharp.
  • Experience in LEAN and/or Process Improvement, including certification in Six Sigma
  • Experience with Green Building Guidelines, such as LEED, Green Globes, International Well Building Institute

Work Environment & Requirements

  • An average 45-hour work week
  • Walking job sites and inspecting systems as the projects require.
  • Traditional office setting
  • Virtual/Remote office setting
    • Work from professional home office with video conferencing and online tools
    • Business like virtual communication and home office standards to be maintained

Synergy Consulting Engineers, INC. is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Veterans, Women, and Minorities are encouraged to apply.

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