The Power of Commissioning: What’s the Real Cost?

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What’s the most essential thing in your facility’s budget? Is it supplies? Equipment? Is it paying contractors? What can’t you live without?

The Real Cost of Healthcare CommissioningIf a commissioning provider didn’t come to mind, you need to rethink your priorities. It’s true that some people think commissioning is an add-on or a bonus, but it isn’t. It’s a necessity, not a luxury. The proof is in the numbers.

On average, the total cost of commissioning makes up 1% of a project budget, but it has a big impact. In fact, it’s not uncommon for 50% the cost of commissioning to be saved before construction even begins. In some cases it’s as high as 100%. That’s a lot of money saved.

That 1% goes towards ensuring design issues are resolved before construction starts. It also reduces changes orders by 30% and contractor call backs by 60%. These are essential to maintaining an orderly, efficient job site that’s focused on the task at hand. It also helps keep the project on schedule, because commission providers can help set project expectations at the beginning instead of having them evolve along the way. Less change means less things have to be redone and less project RFIs to deal with.

When you’re committed to commissioning, it has an average ROI of 3 years, and, for complex and energy-intensive buildings, it’s even shorter at 1 to 2 years. Energy savings can be as high as $0.19/sqft and non-energy savings as high as $6.96/sqft. That adds up fast.

Some benefits are harder to measure in numbers, like the fact that Commissioning Providers put the Owner Project Requirements (OPR) first. Those requirements become our goals, and we always see them through. The project stays on schedule and on budget. As we’ve mentioned on our blog before, Commissioning Providers drive effective communication and ensure smooth transitions. They’re the owner’s eyes and ears on a job site.

We’d say that’s pretty essential.

The real cost of commissioning may vary from project to project, but the impact it has on budget, quality, and schedule doesn’t change. Hiring a Commissioning Provider is an investment. The proof is in the numbers.

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