The Power of Commissioning: Save More Energy Without LEED

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Since it’s introduction in 1994, LEED certification has becomeLEED certification doesn't guarantee energy efficiency. practically synonymous with energy efficiency. It’s widespread and much of the general public recognizes it, but, in a lot of cases, it doesn’t deserve that elevated status. It may be the most recognized indicator of energy efficiency, but becoming certified isn’t the best way for your facility to save energy.

In fact, many uncertified facilities have energy savings that exceed LEED standards. How does that happen? And should your healthcare facility be striving for the same thing?

In a word, yes. Many agree that the general public has reached a “tipping-point” and now desires and advocates for environmentally-friendly, sustainable design. According to Energy Star, healthcare facilities in the United States are spending $6.5 billion on energy every year. They’re also responsible for 8% of the national carbon footprint. That leaves a lot of room for improvement and savings.

So how does your facility start down the path to going green? Hire a commissioning provider.

The American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) calls commissioning a critical part of a healthcare facility’s project success. They recommend that facilities review how commissioning providers can help them achieve that they want. For some that may be as simple as LEED certification, but it’s important to remember that LEED doesn’t guarantee energy efficiency.

It’s altogether too common that LEED certified buildings become less energy efficient overtime due to poor maintenance. A few years down the road, and they aren’t really meeting the benchmarks their certification indicates. Producing real results and savings–especially long-term–requires measuring and verifying actual building performance. This is achieved through further commissioning.

Becoming more energy efficient really does help hospitals protect their bottom line. Every dollar a non-profit hospital saves on energy is equivalent to generating $20 in new revenues. That’s huge. If you need further proof, look to a recent study conducted by the Berkeley National Laboratories. They found that energy savings can be as high as $0.19/sqft.

That may seem small, but it adds up quickly, and for Facility Managers, it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to prove ROI. It might be time to rethink LEED certification and work towards lasting energy efficiency with a commissioning provider!

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