The Snowball Effect: The Benefits of Reinvesting in Energy Efficiency

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Reinvesting in the Snowball EffectSo you’ve found the money to invest in green initiatives at your facility–good job! But you may be asking yourself, what now? How do these big changes actually help your business in the long term? Was it worth it?

The simple answer: yes.

It won’t take long for you to start seeing the savings from your new energy efficient improvements. Your instinct may be to celebrate this as an increase in profitability, but resist that urge. Reducing energy costs is a process, and now you have the capital to really get the ball rolling.

At Synergy, we know that the best thing you can do now is refunnel that extra money into a long-term energy management program. Investing in a Facility Condition Assessment will keep you up to date on the actual performance of your facility so you won’t be caught in a bind when a piece of equipment breaks, and there isn’t enough money to repair or place it. Our aim is to define your goals for improvement and help you achieve them. We’ll test every piece of equipment and optimize it for maximum performance so your dollars continue to go farther.

The key is to keep reinvesting. If you seize the opportunity, your savings can start to snowball. If not, the benefits you were enjoying up front will start to dwindle because you won’t be paying attention. Energy efficiency has to be a mindset. If there isn’t a behavior change in a facility, the majority of improvements will not stick long-term.

If you’re ready to optimize your facility and implement long-term energy improvements, contact us.