Why Do We Need a Commissioning Provider?

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Building a facility doesn’t have to be stressful!

There’s nothing worse than the immense pressure and corresponding stress during the construction process. We’ve been there. We get it. Building, and all that comes along with it, is a beast to be tamed, pulled back to reality, and trained to fall in line.  

We believe the beast is best managed using the power of commissioning and a Commissioning (Cx) Provider. Quality healthcare commissioning begins with complete project understanding that directly impacts the visitors, patients, and personnel of the healthcare facility.

With a commissioning plan and Cx Provider in place, you can expect to:

  • reduce change orders
  • improve turn over experience
  • reduce callbacks
  • improve training
  • meet design intent and goals
  • save contingency


What is Commissioning?

It’s the ability to lead and control the design and construction process and implement the knowledge learned into the building’s facility maintenance plan. It is the Cx Provider’s role to manage this process and strive for top notch quality every time. It’s all about leadership.  


When Should You Bring in a Commissioning Provider?

Commissioning can be applied during any stage of the building life cycle, whether you’re working off of blueprints or in a designated historic structure. At Synergy, we recommend bringing on a Cx Provider as early into the process as possible to save for the long term, keep your contingency, and realize bigger project impact.

It’s all in the numbers!


Did you know that quality healthcare commissioning can lead to improved operational efficiency by as much as 20%?



In fact, the difference between commissioned facilities and those that are not is between 15% and 25% in overall operational efficiency. And there’s more where that came from! Whether you’re a numbers fan or not, download our simple breakdown of Cx statistics (fill out the form below!) to learn about the benefits of hiring a Cx provider to work on your building project.


How would you like to build a building stress free, lose the headache, tame the beast, and save money?

At Synergy, we are leaders in the integration of the commissioning process with existing or planned projects. Our focus is on team building and total project quality improvement, and our role as a commissioning authority is to represent you, the owner, and your requirements, verify quality, validate performance, and prevent project delivery information loss.

When you choose to work with us, your success is our success. We’re here to help you tame the beast!


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