MiSHE 2016 Success!

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Our Top 3 Takeaways from this year’s MiSHE Conference


Back to Basics was a fitting theme for this year’s MiSHE Conference. Each of the presentations delivered high-power content that could easily apply to facilities looking to enhance compliance strategies and boost operational excellence.

Becoming an Industry Leader for Facility Management

As a division of Synergy, we are proud that Facility Health Inc. is paving the way as an industry leader in Facility Management and Asset Life Cycle Care. Facility Health Inc.’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Mark Mochel, PMP, CSM, gave a strong presentation on the benefits of a Facility Condition Assessment, predictive maintenance, and the value of dynamic vs. static analysis. Hands were raised, questions were posed, and thought-provoking conversations developed!

Here are our key takeaways:

  1. Facility News: A Facility Condition Assessment is a powerful approach that gives a building owner the ability to anticipate, plan, and budget the replacement of assets prior to failure.
  2. Money Saver: Energy Star portfolio manager can now track and measure wasted costs to help you improve your spending.
  3. People Focus: The IT factor is all of us, it’s you! Predictive Maintenance is a cultural change that requires strong leadership. Bringing positive energy to everyday situations is contagious, leads to higher morale, and increased satisfaction!
    1. Are you a reactor or initiator?
    2. 90% of people are reactors and only 10% are initiators. Positive vibes/initiators = Positive reactions!

To learn more about the event or get a copy of Mark’s presentation, please reach out to us!