Merry Christmas From Synergy!

Don’t miss a thing!

Merry Christmas from SynergyWe hope this holiday season finds you cheery, warm, and indulging in a few too many Christmas cookies.

Here at the headquarters, we’ll be battling the Michigan snow and reviewing the year. In 2016, we’ve been to several industry conferences, taken on new projects, and met some amazing people. We’ve also updated our blog so you have a wealth of expert information and advice at your fingertips. In short, we’ve been busy, and after a great year filled with passion, hard work, and good dose of fun, we’re looking ahead to 2017.

We look forward to partnering with you to build and operate some of the country’s most advanced facilities. We’re planning even more ways we can serve you and your vision in the coming months. We’re motivated and ready to knock out some of our goals. We hope you are, too.

From all of us at Synergy, we wish you all the prosperity and joy 2017 can bring!