Meetings, Deadlines, and Teamwork: What it’s like to work at Synergy

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Regular meetings inform workflow and encourage teamwork.

The organizational culture at Synergy is one of open communication, teamwork, and planning. Regardless of department level or director level, our engineering and design team members discuss progress, seek insights, and share both successes and failures.


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By having regular meetings our team is pulled into a larger whole, rather than siloed based on a project or department. When construction deadlines loom or resources are overburdened in a particular area, Synergy team members join forces, balancing priorities, and make sure we meet the deadline.

Technology often informs our meetings and our communication. Synergy team members use the latest collaboration tools to communicate, schedule tasks, organize projects, and set deadlines within the platform. This technology mixed communication provides transparency for the team and creates an environment where team members see less email! Doesn’t that sound nice?!

We use technology internally but also invite our clients to communicate within our platforms when looking for information on progress to deadline. For Synergy, transparency is key to a providing our best as a Commissioning Agent, consulting engineer, or project manager.


Flexibility & Workload

In addition to regular meetings and technology in the workplace, we believe in a family-friendly flexible work schedule. We promote the freedom for our team members to do what they need to do as long as they are consistently holding up their end of each project. With open communication, we talk about needs and band together to make things happen.

We are busy at Synergy but we aren’t bogged down in busy work. As a team, we are constantly evaluating workloads and deadlines from a project level (How will we accomplish this?) and a people level (How many hands are needed on this project)? Because we are a team, and also a family, our culture encourages people to help out, give back, and provide support whenever possible.

At Synergy, we value and make it our job to know the pulse of our people. Each team member wants to help another feel empowered. We believe that when our people feel important and empowered, they perform at optimum levels, and become ingrained in our organizational culture and mission.


Work Can Be Fun

Our team works hard and plays hard! We enjoy our time together bonding over projects but we also take the time to join up outside of the office. At Synergy, we recognize that work/life balance can be difficult to achieve and we encourage the team to get to know one another on company time. Why? Getting to know your team often makes the difference between going to work (… drag) and going to work (… the day is over already?). The camaraderie at Synergy is clear.

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