Making a Happy “Marriage” of Facility Handoff, Occupancy and Turn Over

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From Courting, to Cupid, to Making it Official, a Commissioning Provider can help you navigate a facility handoff with care.

Improving the handoff, also referred to as turnover or occupancy, is vital to the marriage of the before and after of any building or construction project. This process must be done with the facility and the work teams in mind.


Courting – the Early Stages of the Facility Relationship

Remember our recent post about the importance of a Commissioning Provider? A Commissioning Provider’s role is to manage the building process and strive for top notch quality every time. It’s all about leadership.  

A Commissioning Provider acts as the cupid in the relationship between the facility and all of the work teams on the project. Early engagement and consistent communication between the facilities team and a Commissioning Provider helps the two work together. When a Commissioning Provider is hired, they act as an owner-representative on the project. What is the benefit? Hiring an outside team leader allows the owner to be involved in the project, without having to get their hands dirty.  


The “Getting to Know Each Other” Phase

At Synergy, we handle all of the courting of the good, the bad, and the ugly, before, during, and after the construction project to make sure your facility is built properly and efficiently, and meets the necessary criteria as outlined in the planning process.

If your team has time do a walk through prior to breaking ground, it’s worth it. Facilities teams need to be at the table and part of the process. The Commissioning Provider can help lead the courting process as stated above, and then get others to love the building. The more your facilities people grow to love it, the more they’ll feel like they’re in it for the long haul, and the happier they’ll be with the final handoff.


Cupid’s Arrow

A successful handoff is all about managing expectations and follow-through. If the Commissioning Provider says what they mean and does what they say, complaints and frustrations will be few and far between.

Love takes hold when Cupid’s arrow hits, and for our purposes this starts in the design phase. At Synergy, we engage with your facilities team early and often. We develop an intimacy with the function of the building to make sure it is optimized and operating efficiently. In this way, the facility takes on more of a transition than a full handoff.

When we are a part of a building project, we take pride in testing the building before it’s occupied. Why? You don’t know how to fix something until you break it or see it in a dysfunctional state.


Exchanging the Vowsstocksnap_r2on1dy4tu

Herein lies the value in the “marriage” of the facility handoff. At Synergy, we provide the owner and facilities team a guided tour of assets before we complete the final finishes. For example, the team might get a tour of their HVAC system prior to the final step in closing the walls and hiding the vents and systems behind materials and paint. We also strongly recommend facility owners and maintenance teams participate and witness how the systems operate prior to our asset competency training, and walk through the systems with us as everything is being tested.

Why? We feel the maintenance team, and owners, come to learn controls better and can understand scheduling from a realistic standpoint when they are part of the testing process. At Synergy, we believe in the laws of three: show the process early on, walk-thru before the final finishes, and train on each asset.

The Synergy process does more than just getting the team and owner to acknowledge that the building is being finished, it gets the team to own the building before turn over. Thus, a smooth transition equals a happy marriage.


Making it Official

A good marriage is built on a foundation of trust, open communication, attraction, and desire. You spend time getting to know someone before you take the leap. Love has a test drive period and you can find and navigate the bumps and curves in the road before they come. A facility is no different.


Are you looking for a happy “marriage” for your handoff process?  Contact us to learn more.