Why should you hire a Commissioning Provider? Improved Training!

Don’t miss a thing!

The answer is simple: You get an expert who is putting in the time and effort necessary to train facility operators and maintenance personnel on every aspect of your facility.

goals-for-2019-2A Commissioning Provider is a facility manager’s eyes and ears on a project, and that is important. But we consider the most important aspect of a Commissioning Provider to be the training and support they provide to your boots on the ground maintenance and facility management team.

Believe it or not, it isn’t common to have an operations and maintenance manual reviewed, tested, and trained off of if you do not employ a Commissioning Provider on your facility building project. With Synergy, we help your facility team do their job and train them how to use the CMMS system including understanding the new building assets and any operation or maintenance requirements.

At Synergy, we provide a detailed training outline that begins long before any organized training actually starts. Our goal is to make sure the team knows all that is happening with their facility prior to our exit from the project:

  • First, we review the operational and maintenance manuals for the equipment installed. Then we cross-check the manuals with the equipment for functionality and quirks.
  • Second, we develop a training agenda where we facilitate and schedule trainings that are hands on.
  • Third, and what we consider the most important, as we are developing training sessions we also ask facility manager’s and maintenance teams to participate in all performance testing. Why? So that they become familiar and comfortable with the building and are on-hand to see the building come to life!

About Synergy Commissioning Providers

Synergy Commissioning Providers do NOT simply hand over manuals and walk away. We see our role as including a strong turn over with as-built documents, mechanical and electrical schedules organized, and future needs outlined and seamlessly handed over to your team.

Our team fills in any gaps, offers support, and trains your team to use the documentation that has been tested, and tested again, by the Commissioning Provider. Hiring a Commissioning Provider just makes sense! Contact us to learn more.