Hire a Commissioning Provider Early, Save Some Dough.

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patty-lauraSave project contingency by hiring a Commissioning Provider in the design phase of your building project.

Who doesn’t want to save a little money – especially when executing a huge construction project? We’ve already touched on how a Commissioning Provider, such as Synergy, can help you reduce change orders and callbacks, improve facility handoff, improve your training, and ultimately, help you get what you want. But today’s blog post might be the secret sauce that you’ve all been waiting for… When you hire a Commissioning Provider in the early stages of your project, they will do a design review and make sure you have your expectations defined and validated (this document is called an OPR – Owner’s Project Requirements). Basically, let’s make sure that what you expect is actually in the design… This can save you money because you might otherwise go through the bid and construction phases with a project that won’t meet your expectations.

Here are just some of the ways you can expect to save some dough:

  • A Commissioning Provider makes sure that your building’s constructability is excellent from the start (no need to fix or change things later!)
  • Plans are built with minimum confusion for contractors (we speak their language for less “back and forth” to clarify tasks and projects)
  • Drawings match up between trades (when everyone’s on the same page, we can work together more efficiently)
  • Working with a Commissioning Provider early in your project will help you get your requirements defined and expectations met (get it done right the first time!)

If you don’t hire early, your Commissioning Provider won’t be involved in the OPR (Owner’s Project Requirements) phase of the project. Your OPR might not even exist! If that’s the case, you’re more likely to have a design that doesn’t meet your expectations or has to be changed to meet them. A change that late in the game can be costly.

Hire early. Save contingency. What more do you need to know?

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