The Power of Commissioning: Driving Quality Care

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If you ask a healthcare provider what their biggest priority is, what would they say?

Providing quality care for their patients.

A lot of factors that play into the quality of care patients receive in healthcare, but the facility itself is often overlooked. The building maintenance and management can have a huge impact on patient care and recovery. It’s obvious that patients come first for medical staff, but they should also be the central concern for those constructing and maintaining the facility.

Getting what your healthcare facility needs is faster, easier, and cheaper to achieve with comprehensive commissioning.Commissioning can directly improve the environmental quality and comfort of a hospital, but this has a different meaning for different people. For patients and visitors, this may mean a heating system that responds quickly to temperature adjustments in their room. It could also mean a layout that’s easy to navigate and clear signage indicating floors, wards, and room numbers. For staff this may mean rooms that can be sterilized and cleaned quickly. Another concern might be hallways that are wide enough to accommodate heavy foot traffic, wheelchairs, and gurneys.

At Synergy, we champion these expectations that were defined in Owner Project Requirements (OPRs).

All this is faster, easier, and cheaper to achieve with comprehensive commissioning. As we will mention in our upcoming blog post, Prepare for Tomorrow: The Benefits of Starting Early, one of the valuable services commissioning experts provide is a design review and–according to a recent study conducted by Berkeley National Laboratorythis can reduce change orders and cuts callbacks by 30%.

That’s staggering, and it eliminates the hassle of redoing parts of the project and rescheduling with contractors. This can have a huge impact if you’re optimizing your facility instead of building from scratch. Quick turnaround ensures that equipment and workspaces won’t be block off by renovation. It will also ensure that more of your facility is available to serve patients.

It’s obvious they’re the focus of your facility, and commissioning can help you ensure it stays that way.

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