Seed Money: How to Get the Funds to Go Green

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Lower bills, reliable equipment, and good publicity–Plant a Seed Invest In Going Green Graphicit seems like every business is going green for one reason or another. Some are investing in small changes like replacing old windows with energy efficient models while others are overhauling their whole facility, and they’re both being applauded for it. But large changes aren’t cheap and budgets are tight. Where are they getting the money? How can your business find the funds to invest in environmentally friendly practices, too?

With all the resources available, there’s no reason your facility has to be left behind. In many cases, the best options lie in government financing or incentive programs run by energy companies. For example, PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Financing pays for 100% of a project’s costs up front and can be repaid over the next twenty years. This makes it possible to undertake large, comprehensive retrofits that will greatly improve efficiency. It’ll also have a meaningful impact on your bottom line.

Energy providers here in Michigan like DTE and Consumers Energy have incentives, too. They offer programs for both new construction and repair on older buildings. At Synergy, we can help you take stock of your energy management during the planning phase, construction, occupancy, or maintenance of your facility. We’ll help you draft a plan of attack–big or small–and make the most of your initial investment with changes like:

  • Upgrading to high-efficiency lighting.
  • Installing “occupancy sensors” to automatically turn lights off and on.
  • Adding variable frequency drives on large HVAC systems.
  • Retrofitting or replacing old refrigerators and freezers.
  • Behavioral learning on how to utilize your office equipment.
  • Adjusting the thermostat during unoccupied times or installing a programmable thermostat.
  • Plugging leaks around windows, doors, outlets, etc., with weather-stripping or caulk.

There’s no reason why you can’t take steps towards energy efficiency and a green campus. Let us help you take advantage of financing programs to revamp and reinvest in your facility. Contact us today.