Family is Our Team Motto

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At Synergy, we’re founded on relationships, not process.

Just like a family, everyone at Synergy has a primary role and supporting roles to play. Our team’s talent runs deep and covers multiple disciplines, allowing high levels of collaboration, attention, and synergy.

Where Did We Come From?

Synergy, Founded in 2005 by Hans Nelson, was the brainchild of dissatisfaction over the way other organizations focus work on billable hours. It seemed to Hans that in his experience in a large corporate environment, all that mattered to anyone was the bottom line. And, at the time, long term relationships with clients were only important if those relationships led to more money.

He thought, “I’m tired of focusing my life around billable hours and feeling like I can’t do the best work for my client without rigging a hefty profit.”

Profit is important for any business to be sustainable. But price, along with profit and an overall budget, are what make Synergy different.

In other consulting firms, you won’t get our close-knit, tell it like it is, focus on you and your project like you do with Synergy. We were founded with that principle in mind.

Our Team Makes All the Difference

With the ability to shift our focus away from billable hours, we found we could better invest time and energy into our Synergy family. When a team member is able to set goals, learn, grow, and strive toward their goals, they are invested in Synergy, and therefore, invested in Synergy’s clients.

Family Life At Synergy

Our team operates like a high functioning family. We lift one another up, we ask questions, we offer solutions, we know when to work hard, and when it is time to play. We are relationship focused, rather than project oriented.

Each member of the Synergy team has a passion beyond engineering. What makes our people tick are the opportunities to learn and study how systems are built and operate. And, to gain knowledge from people who operate and construct new systems.

A large part of this process involves relationships and getting to know the people in the trenches. People matter: Our family, our teams’ family, and our clients’ family. Our commissioning providers are chameleons in a way and our most successful engineers are able to change on a moment’s notice.

At Synergy, the focus is not just on design, but design that is ensured to perform well for our client. In order to make this happen, we focus on relationships. A happy “family” leads to client success.

Is our family for you? Watch a fun video from our team: