Connected Buildings: Where Does An Existing Facility Fit In?

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Connected buildings are the new hot thing, but what do you do if you’re not building a new facility from scratch? Can you transform an existing facility to a connected one? If yes, how?

These are common questions, and the good news is that yes, We'll take your existing facility to the next level today. buildings can be connected well after construction. This isn’t ideal, but it is doable, and we’ve got the experience to help take you there.

We believe the biggest advantage of upgrading your facility from a traditional to a connected building is this: it gives you an opportunity to reevaluate your assets and improve them. This would be the time to get proactive.

  1. Define your Current Facility Requirements (CFR)
  2. Complete a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)
  3. Complete an Energy Audit
  4. CMMS System Optimization
  5. Integrate Building Management System to Data Analytics
  6. Predictive Maintenance Monthly Check-in Meetings

Investing in a connected building is the first step in a predictive maintenance strategy. This strategy will streamline your data collection and analysis of your assets’ lifecycle.

An experienced commissioning provider makes it easy to plan and implement the necessary changes. We’ve discussed the value of hiring one in a previous post and believe their value goes even further with connected buildings. Having a team member who can draw on previous experience will be invaluable.

Just like a newly constructed building, once an existing facility is connected, you have the option to bring in an outside expert to monitor your assets. Perhaps you don’t have time for in-depth analytics or simply don’t have the staff to closely monitor all of your assets. An unconnected facility makes reactive decision-making the only option. With a connected building, proactive and predictive maintenance can be used instead. 

An outside set of eyes will catch problems early. They’ll keep everything inspected and optimized so you don’t have to worry about equipment becoming less efficient over time. This is the big reason connected buildings are so in demand. They’re efficient and improve the overall health of your facility.

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