The Power of Commissioning: Empowerment Through Training

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Imagine this: a new facility has just been handed over to its staff.

Every system and asset has been carefully optimized. All inspections were passed. It seems like the team has every advantage driving them towards success, but a few months pass and the facility is not longer running at maximum performance.

A lot of factors are at play when this happens, but training is one that can easily be headed-off early. If facility staff aren’t properly trained and rely on manuals and personal knowledge to maintain systems, that’s a big problem.

An even bigger problem is when owners aren’t properly trained. The building is ultimately their responsibility. Empowering them to maintain it is an essential component of commissioning. We won’t hand over the manuals and leave your staff to sort through them. Yes, they can be powerful tools, but think of them as a reference only. They should never be the foundation of someone’s knowledge.

It’s better to rely on in depth, hands-on training. The best time to do this is before the owner takes possession of the building. As your commissioning provider, we would invite the owner and maintenance and operational staff to training sessions that cover the entire facility. It’s important that this training is thorough, because a poorly-trained staff will only lead to reduced efficiency, increased repairs, and higher costs.

Good training also empowers staff to become proactive. It will equips owners with all the tools they need to hit the ground running and successfully maintain their facility.

Training may be one of the last steps before tenants occupy a building, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. In fact, it may be one of the most important steps of all, because a well-trained staff will produce a well-maintained facility.

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