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At Synergy, we believe in equipping employees with the best tools to do their job.

A successful engineering company must stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, trends, and products in the industry. And, Synergy is no exception!

We offer cutting edge technology and training up-front, additional support for our people, and we invest in our team members should they choose to continue their education.


Cutting Edge Technology

At Synergy, we pride ourself in our understanding and implementation of the latest technologies.

Our trusted, tried, and true technology is completely mobile. We have more than just your office-space cubbies, cubicles, and corded-down work stations. With cutting edge, mobile computers and testing equipment we are able to provide top-notch support, simultaneous experiences, and fast results in office or on the road. Our engineers regularly use iPads and powerful computers for BIM. Video conferencing is an added perk for our team and clients, allowing for more flexible work schedules and opportunities.


Training and Onboardingstocksnap_f7olw2sg0c

At Synergy we have an onboarding program to make sure an individual is comfortable and confident in their understanding of the expectations of their work.

We have weekly collaborative meetings to discuss challenges and lessons learned that are both team and project-related. At Synergy, we are strategic in how we support one another to meet deadlines.

In a fast-paced consulting and project environment, there are often changes in workflows and adaptability is key. Our team is always on the move but we do collaborate on a regular basis to help one another execute projects on time and with high quality.


Continued Education

Expanding our knowledge is one of the core values of Synergy. We believe that we are experts in our industry, and in order to remain experts, continuous education and training are key.

At Synergy, we offer an educational program to ensure our engineers are staying up to date with the latest and greatest industry standards, codes, and best practices.

Based on the desires of the engineer, we provide the opportunities to learn about a new market or even attend a new type of conference. Our people are encouraged to be leaders in the industry and to seek out education experiences to grow personally and professionally.

We pride ourselves on allowing our engineers to learn about new practices, technology, and markets on our dime. Why? Supporting and encouraging personal and professional growth is good for our clients, partners, and our bottom line. The more engaged, happy, and educated our team is, the better and more successful we will be as a whole.  


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If you are an engineer looking for high employee support, the latest technology, and personal and professional development opportunities, we might be the place for you. Ask us how!