The Power of Commissioning: Start Early and Save

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“The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.”

Maybe you’ve heard that Elbert Hubbard quote before. We’ve seen it in reference to fitness, studying, and following your passions, but we think it applies to commissioning, too. Starting early is always a good idea. We’ve heard people say that they’ll get to commissioning later, but what really happens if you wait? 

Get the most out of commissioning. Start early.

You miss some of the biggest benefits commissioning has to offer. It’s as simple as that.

Yes, commissioning is beneficial at all
stages of a project–we’ve discussed that on our blog before–but there are definite advantages to starting at the beginning of the process.

The biggest is defining Owner Project Requirements (OPRs) and metrics to determine success. Concrete benchmarks also help track progress towards facility goals. It’s only with these things in place that you can be sure that the project is on track with the schedule, budget, and OPRs. Your commissioning provider can lead the effort to make sure everyone has the same information and expectations for the final outcome.

This may be what owners value most. Having a representative on the job site is a big advantage for them. Commissioning providers are their eyes and ears. They take on the owner’s goals as their own.

Nearly as important are the Commissioning Design Review and the Engineering Peer Review. During both, commissioning providers look at a drafted project and point out problems or deficiencies that those who are more familiar with the plan may overlook.

For example, Synergy provided commissioning for a facility that had a water system with a design flaw. Only 50% of the needed capacity would be met, because it was too small. Everyone overlooked the mistake until the Commissioning Design Review. If the plans hadn’t been changed and facility had been built with a water system that was too small, it would have been extremely costly and time consuming to enlarge it and make it functional.

Most commissioning providers would stop there, but we take it a step farther with an Engineering Peer Review. Drawing from our engineering experience, we review the calculations used to determine things like the size of a facility’s equipment. Again, this is essential because catching mistakes early saves time and money. For example, a past project had oversized ductwork as part of its design. Addressing that mistake and shrinking the size made the building more energy efficient and saved the client money.

You can do the same by contacting us to start comprehensive commissioning early. You can also check out the beginning of this series on the power of commissioning, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to get the next installment right on your newsfeed.