What Is a Connected Building?

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Get ahead of the curve. Get connected.Can buildings think? Do automated actions count? What about the systems monitoring things like temperature or ventilation?

It may sound a little creepy to imagine these things happening without the push of a button, but it’s actually quite commonplace. Maybe you’ve heard of smart buildings. They almost sound like something plucked out of a sci-fi book. Well, connected buildings are their newest iteration. They’re similar, but the terms aren’t interchangeable.

The reason so many people get them confused is because they share one big feature: a network of automated systems that control many functions inside a building like heating and cooling, security, and access systems. The idea of integrating these systems isn’t a new one, but connected buildings differ in the way they monitor these automated systems.

They can be analyzed remotely. They aren’t isolated in the way that smart buildings are. Their systems communicate with each other, but can also connect to outside software and users. Data can be shared over email and the web so problems can be investigated remotely. Because a connected building isn’t limited to the staff working inside it, Synergy can monitor systems without physically being at a facility. Software like Skyspark allows them to build analytics, gather data, and track systems from offsite.

This saves time and significantly drives down costs. It also opens up some big possibilities.

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