A Commissioning Provider Helps You Get What You Want

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone tell you if you’re making a good decision when you’re getting ready to sign on the dotted line for that new car? When you buy a used car, your trusted mechanic plays a vital role in advising you whether or not the used car would be a good purchase, but when it comes to buying a “new” car, we don’t have the same stop-gaps.

The same goes for your facility. When it comes to the design and goals of your facility building project, you want to be sure you know all of the ins and outs throughout the process.

Our Commissioning Providers do not hold anything back. As with a new car purchase, you define your expectations for how you want the facility to operate and take care of the end-users and we build a new building with that in mind. The same things you look for in a car — mileage, cost, aesthetics, feel, efficiency — you look for as a building owner.

At Synergy, we take it one step further by constantly checking and rechecking to make sure we provide the best quality end result.
It may be your facility in the end, but it’s our process and work on the line to make sure that facility is everything it should be.

Consider it this way, instead of a car salesman simply trying to make another sale, a Commissioning Provider ensures that the project meets or exceeds your expectations.

At Synergy, we value the need to understand what the user or building owner is looking for. We assess needs, manage priorities, and work to meet each request. A commissioning agent’s goal is to ensure that the facility meets all expectations, like a warranty on a new car sale.

The architects and engineers that are hired by the building owner act as the car “salespeople” on the project to both design and figure out what is needed and when. Commissioning Providers, on the other hand, are like the unbiased third party. They evaluate not only the facility but the inner-workings and assess the health of the facility from beginning to project completion.

A Commissioning Provider works best starting in the pre-design phase where the design team is collaborating with the facility owners to define the project goals. The more involved a Commissioning Provider is from the beginning of a project (as with the car salesman, they need to be “in the know”!), the better off they will be in managing the project moving forward.define

If a Commissioning Provider is not brought in until later in the process, that’s OK. You just need to capture what they need to know. Think cliff-notes here! You need a clearly defined OPR. The Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) is the primary tool for benchmarking success and quality at all phases of the project and throughout the life of the facility.

Buying a car and a facility are a lot alike. Hiring a Commissioning Provider and having a clearly a defined OPR is the key to delivering on your design intent and goals.

Synergy can help you do it all, save you time, and deliver on promises.  

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